Logo da Álamo

Internal Communications

The collection of Álamo’s corporate celebration seals is dynamic and grows with each new initiative, representing our share of contribution to building a more fair society, with understanding and solidarity, respect for the human being and the environment.


Thinking about its employees’ welfare, the company launched the Álamo Life corporate seal. This seal will be used in all actions and information for the sake of a better daily routine for everyone. Health, food, physical activity and new programs targeting the life of each co-worker. Álamo wants its employees feeling happy, always.


A new communication channel between the employee and the company – Álamo Ombudsman is a corporate seal created to inform just one thing: Álamo wants to hear you. Praise, report, criticism, complaints, suggestions, whatever the employee wants to express will be welcome. The department of People Management will address each subject in a responsible and dedicated manner and present solutions to the reported issues.


Aiming to set the milestone and promote actions carried out by the project Álamo Sustainable, the marketing department has created a series of corporate seals that identifies each action by encouraging the employees’ and customers’ participation in building a better world.


Commitment to excellence in meeting the requirements established by customers is part of Álamo Quality. Álamo uses the technical capability of its human resources in the continued search for improvement of its processes and in the attention and awareness of its social and environmental accountability.


The Álamo Safety corporate seal was created to reassert the constant concern of its employees. Monthly campaigns and training on the subject are part of the Marketing and Occupational Safety teams in order to strengthen the importance of compliance with established procedures and standards.


Álamo Aware is dedicated to the inclusion of super special people in our workforce and to the promotion of campaigns against discrimination and in favor of politeness in internal relationships, among others.


"One who sings drives his/her troubles away"
is based on music as the unifying agent among the employees participating in the company’s choir, promoting culture, developing artistic skills and improvements in interpersonal relationships.


Álamo People celebrates all actions for educational projects and individual professional improvement of our employees. All internal events and important information to facilitate the company’s daily routine are Álamo People initiatives.


Álamo is aware that its successful history is a result of its employees’ talent and dedication, who are honored at 5, 10, 19, 20, 25 years or more with the company. Álamo Celebrates this partnership.


The opinion of our service takers is very important and much further when it is positive. Álamo Commend is the corporate seal created to share the compliments received by our teams from our customers.


Partnerships with NGOs and internal efforts for social mobilization are being incorporated into the company’s daily activities. Álamo Social encourages employees to undertake their solidarity roles to the benefit of the society.


Álamo EcoAttitude demonstrates the concern for the environment by stimulating practices for defense, preservation and conservation of the nature among customers tand employees.