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One of the pioneering companies in its market sector, Álamo Engineering started its activities in 1970, in Rio de Janeiro, offering consulting and projects requiring high technical qualification for the infra-structure development to a market mostly consisting of multinational companies.

The increased demand for companies qualified in maintenance engineering for technical facilities together with Álamo Engineering experience in this area was a fundamental factor for the company’s decision to invest in specialization in the following years, aiming to operate in the maintenance engineering area.

The company shortly became a benchmark in the national market and opened its business unit in São Paulo. In early 2000, Álamo Engineering also started offering multi-services.

Attentive to its market trends, in 2007 the company innovated once again by incorporating the facilities area to its service range. The initiative matched its clients’ needs, who are increasingly selecting one single vendor to provide all outsourced services which are not included in their core business.

Currently, Álamo Engineering has 2000 employees and more than 200 clients operating in the market industry of hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, industrial and commercial market segments, most of which are ventures of non-stop operation, where maintenance failure may be crucial.

With pioneering spirit, technology, quality and ethics, Álamo Engineering has been building strong and successful partnerships, which made it one of the leading companies in its industry in the country.