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Social Responsability

At Álamo, Social Responsibility is a commitment that starts internally and is undertaken in everyday activities.

With 2000 employees, Álamo has its own internal sustainability policies and supports ecological and social efforts through the Álamo Sustainable Program, which disseminates its ideals all over the company and among its customers.

We encourage each employee to act consciously also outside the work environment through Marketing campaigns on awareness, making each employee a multiplier of good practices.

Learn about our initiatives and projects supported by Alamo!

Papel Pinel

Álamo supports the Papel Pinel project, an experimental initiative for income generation at Instituto Philippe Pinel outpatient service, located in southern Rio de Janeiro.

The starting point was a recycling shop that currently has become a special place – an art shop where artists, users of the institution’s mental health services are offered the possibility to resume interrupted pathways, rescuing the right to labor, citizenship and social inclusion.

Álamo donates all paper collected at the company’s head office to the project. The company’s employees choir Quem Canta Seus Males Espanta [One who sings drives his/her troubles away] makes an annual presentation for the Institute’s patients and through music takes joy to a place that is often forgotten by the society.

IBNL – Our Home Charitable Institution

The Our Home Charitable Institution – IBNL [Our Home Charitable Institution) is a Philanthropic Nonprofit Association that has been developing programs targeting education, qualification, rehabilitation and inclusion for disabled people within DIPCE Program – Full Development of Disabled Child Potential. Located in the city of São Paulo, IBNL currently benefits over 200 handicapped young children and adolescents, including their families and hundreds of other families in its community.

Álamo’s São Paulo branch contributes to the project by donating all paper collected from its facilities. All collection is intended to the institution maintenance costs. In addition, the disabled children themselves separate the material for recycling. This leads to their inclusion in society and makes them aware of the importance to preserve the environment.


Music: Comes from the Greek Mousiké : When singing, Greek people established communication with the divine. Therefore, their singing served to achieve all wishes and to get rid of the unwanted.

Hence the popular saying: One who sings drives his/her troubles away.

Thinking about that, Álamo created the Choir One Who Sings Drives His/Her Troubles Away.

Three years after its creation and over 25 presentations, the choir has currently more than 20 voices representing the company’s commitment to support its employees’ culture and welfare.

Company Uniforms Recycle

Álamo donates its employees’ surplus uniforms to seamstresses’ cooperatives which are advised by a nonprofit French-Brazilian association called Moda Fusion, with the purpose of identifying and promoting fashion talents in the economically less favored communities. We use these cooperative services to produce gifts, carrying cases for tools and the smocks of the company’s choir.

In addition, production of blankets for the Solidary Blanket project has already started. Thick blankets will be produced from the employees’ uniforms leftovers and donated to victims of natural calamities and disasters.

As a result of the investment, they improve and use the fabrics to create.

Camp Mangueira

Álamo Engineering believes that the access to education and professional qualification is the only way to build a more just society, through opportunities for individual growth on equal footing to every citizen.

As a member of Ethos Institute for Business and Social Responsibility, Álamo Engineering is one of the partners of Círculo dos Amigos do Menino Patrulheiro – Camp Mangueira, a social educational project that is part of Mangueira Social Program in Rio de Janeiro, which has been working in the professional and personal development of the community teenagers, qualifying them for the job market for almost twenty years.

In synergy with Álamo Engineering principles, the philosophy of Camp Mangueira, with capacity to cater for up to 700 youngsters, is based on building citizenship through education and labor. Through basic job skill training, young students of less favored social and economic status are offered the opportunity to transform their reality by building a more hopeful and promising future.

As a partner of Camp Mangueira, Álamo Engineering offers trainee programs to those leaving the project, providing them with the first opportunity in the job market with possibility of permanent employment.

Dream's day

The Dream’s Day arose as a way to provide a magical dimension to the first contact between the child and the volunteer. That day is transformed into a big party: groups of volunteers interact with children through plays that transmit feelings and values necessary for their development.

The Alamo is supportive to this project and supports such initiatives.