Logo da Álamo


Álamo Engineering values are the compass giving direction to every decision making, ensuring transparency and the same quality standard of all our operations.

Efficient Management

Each of our employees plays an important role in the company’s management, irrespective of his/her position. Besides seeking the best results in its strategic planning, Álamo Engineering understands that a major portion of its results comes from each professional’s management of his/her own work.

Valuing the Client

Services specialization must be followed by relationship specialization. Our decisions are taken based on our clients – their demands, needs and level of satisfaction.

Ethics in Relationships

More than a set of rules, ethics is a conduct principle which Álamo Engineering targets when selecting each professional and taking each business decision. For us, this is an indispensable value capable to support all other values.


Álamo Engineering is a great team: even with professionals engaged in different projects in several regions of the country, there is unity which ensures the same quality standards in all operations. To make this possible, it is fundamental that each professional be flexible and able to contribute with the others’ results.

Individual Improvement

Everything Álamo Engineering produces in each workday is generated by its professionals. For that reason and in order to keep its high productivity level, the company is always aware of the needs of each employee and his/her position. This involves not only investment in training, but also the continued follow-up on the performance of each employee.